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Privacy Policy

Personal data - Technical requirements, a prohibition to publish illegal contents, complaints

1. The Seller shall provide the Customers via the Store with a possibility of free of charge use of the following services rendered via electronic means (within the meaning of the Act on Services Rendered via Electronic Means of 18 July 2002, Dz.U.2002.144.1204 as amended), whose contents comprise use of the Store’s functionality, including in particular:

a) providing access to the Store’s contents,
b) registration, and maintenance of the Account, including entering into agreements with the Seller on the sale of goods available in the Store,
c) distribution of the newsletter.

2. Seller shall undertake the necessary technical and organizational means to protect the processed personal data.

3. The principles of storage of cookie files in the Customer’s devices by the Seller, as well as the Seller’s access to such files, are defined in the Cookie File Policy attached in Appendix no 1 to this Regulation.

4. In case of and in line with the conditions specified in the Law on personal data protection, especially in art. 24 and art. 32-35, Customer is entitled to access their data, correct it, or delete it.

5. The agreement on rendering of services referred to in section 1 is concluded by means of the respective individual request submitted by the Customer for a data transfer by means of the telecom network (which may take place in case of sec. 1 letter a via the opening of the Store’s website, and in case of other services specified in sec. 1 – through completion and approval of a respective form in the Store). These agreements shall be terminated after their complete execution, and in case of permanent services – through a termination submitted by any Party any time. A respective statement may be sent to the Seller by the Customer via e-mail at

6. In each case, disclosure of personal data by Customer is voluntary- subject to the fact that some data is essential for Seller to execute the sale contract concluded through Store.

7. Customer personal data might be disclosed to a third party if such rights or duties result from the rule of law.

Appendix no 1 to the Regulation - Cookie Policy

§1 Definitions

1. This Policy defines the principles of storage of information by the Seller and the Seller's access to information already stored on Customer's devices in the form of cookie files.

2. All terms, which have been defined in the Regulation, shall have the same meaning in this Policy. Moreover, the following terms shall have the meaning defined below:

a) Cookies - mean IT data, in particular short text files, that are recorded and stored on devices used by the Customer to enter the Store.
b) Own Cookies - mean Cookies placed by the Seller, in relation to services rendered via electronic means by the Seller via the Store.
c) Foreign Cookies - mean Cookies placed by third parties via the Store's website.
d) Policy– this Cookie Policy, which forms Attachment no 2 to the Regulation.e) Device - means an electronic device used by the Customer to obtain access to the Store.

§2 Cookie files

1. By means of cookie files, the Seller stores information on the User's Device or obtains access to information that has already been stored, in compliance with the principles defined in the Policy.

2. The Seller uses the following types of cookie files:

a) Session cookies: they are stored in the Customer's Device and remain there until the end of the session of a given browser. Then the recorded information is permanently deleted from the memory of the Device.
b) Permanent cookies: are stored in the Customer's Device and remain there until their deletion. They are not deleted from the Device at the end of a session of a browser or after the Device is switched off.

§3 Using of cookie files

1. The Seller uses Own Cookies to adjust the contents of the Store to preferences and needs of the Customer, taking into account, in particular, a type of Device, by means of which the Customer uses services of the Store.

2. The Seller uses Foreign Cookies for the purpose of collective statistics and analyses used for monitoring of the manner of use of the Store by Customers, which enables possibly best adjustments to the needs of Customers. In this respect, the Seller uses Google Analytics services, within the scope of which the information on the origin of users identified by their IP is read, recorded, and sent to a secured Google server upon the opening of the Store. Google Analytics does not collect any private data. Detailed information on the issue is available on Google's website

3. The Seller's use of cookies does not entail changes in the configuration of the Customer's Device and software installed in the Device.

§4 Deactivation or limitation of use of cookies

1. The Customer can limit or deactivate access of cookie files to its Device in the Internet browser settings or through the configuration of the service, in particular in a way blocking automatic handling of cookie files or informing on every fact of the recording of cookie files in the Customer's Device. Detailed information on possibilities and ways of handling cookie files is available in software (Internet browser) settings. Description of actions necessary for this purpose may be found on websites of manufacturers, e.g.:

a) Mozilla Firefox:
b) Google Chrome:
c) Microsoft Edge:

2. The Customer may delete cookie files at any time.

3. Limitations of the use of cookies or deletion of existing cookies may affect some functionalities available in the Store.

Appendix no 2 to the Regulation - Withdrawal form (this form should be completed and sent only if you wish to withdraw from the agreement)

Addressee: Corner App
Czajkowskiego 15, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała, Poland

I/we (*) hereby inform(*) about my/our withdrawal from the sale agreement concerning the following items (*):

Date of conclusion of the agreement (*)/receipt(*)

Name and surname of the consumer(s)

Address of the consumer(s)

Signature of the consumer(s) (only if the withdrawal form is on paper)


*Delete as appropriate